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This is _________, and You’re Watching Disney Channel!

Dr. Doofenshmirtz

October 8, 2013

So everyone is up in arms about this thing called “VINE.” I don’t get what the big deal is. What can you really say in only 6 seconds of video? Well — as it turns out — not a lot.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Tweet

Howdy Hey! Today I thought I’d try something a little different – I recently finished watching Once Upon a Time Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and I tweeted along through the entire thing, so I thought it would be cool to recap the seasons through my tweets since Season 3 starts this Sunday on ABC. So.. Here we go! (CAUTION: This post may contain spoilers!)

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Waffle-inator Logo

The Phineas and Ferb Waffle-inator Challenge

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is primed to take over Disney’s D23 Expo…and the Tri-State Area with his most wacky “-inator” yet — “The Waffle-inator” — a spectacular 40-foot high interactive game, combining physical and digital worlds — and simulated waffles — in an epic showdown to free Agent P from the clutches of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Kids, tweens and families can hop aboard and wield the life-size invention to play “The Phineas and Ferb Waffle-inator Challenge,” over three days at Disney’s D23 Expo, the ultimate event for Disney fans, at the Anaheim Convention Center!
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August 1, 2013


Phineas & Ferb Star WarsRecently at Comic-Con, it was announced that Phineas and Ferb would be doing a crossover with Star Wars. Today, I thought I’d compile a bunch of concept art from Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh, the creators of the show.











..and if you’d like to watch the entire panel, here ya go:


June 6, 2013

Experience the biggest concert in Radio Disney history with the full performances from the Radio Disney Totally 10 Birthday Celebration filmed at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California!