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Waffle-inator Logo

The Phineas and Ferb Waffle-inator Challenge

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is primed to take over Disney’s D23 Expo…and the Tri-State Area with his most wacky “-inator” yet — “The Waffle-inator” — a spectacular 40-foot high interactive game, combining physical and digital worlds — and simulated waffles — in an epic showdown to free Agent P from the clutches of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Kids, tweens and families can hop aboard and wield the life-size invention to play “The Phineas and Ferb Waffle-inator Challenge,” over three days at Disney’s D23 Expo, the ultimate event for Disney fans, at the Anaheim Convention Center!
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August 1, 2013


Phineas & Ferb Star WarsRecently at Comic-Con, it was announced that Phineas and Ferb would be doing a crossover with Star Wars. Today, I thought I’d compile a bunch of concept art from Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh, the creators of the show.











..and if you’d like to watch the entire panel, here ya go:


May 16, 2013

This is awesome, to say the least. This is what happens when you bring together 19 animators for one day to collaborate on a hand drawn animated movie. Enoy!


I thought I’d share some Instagram photos for the past few days. The other day I stopped by Disney’s Character Warehouse and got myself a Churro T-Shirt for $10 and a Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction Poster iPhone case for $5. I also bought Rocko’s Modern Life: The Complete Series at Walmart; That was a hoot! The picture of the red X on my hand was for #enditmovement (learn more at enditmovement.com). :)


April 1, 2013

You won’t believe your eyes! TeenNick’s The ’90s Are All That premiered a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN episode of Rocko on Sunday night at midnight! That was a hoot!