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Symphony in the Stars Fireworks

Cap off your day of adventures in a galaxy far, far away! Gather ’round the Star Wars Weekends stage for a finale celebration—featuring some of your favorite Star Wars Characters and concluding with an interstellar frenzy of fireworks.


August 29, 2013

There’s a lot of things in life you must do, but there are only a few of those Must Dos that you really want to do. We’re gonna show you what you must do around the Walt Disney World Resort right now. This is Must Do Disney.


May 1, 2013

Today we celebrate the 24th birthday of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios). To celebrate, Enjoy this special from 1989 taking you behind the scenes of the making of the park!

The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood—not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic. We welcome you to a Hollywood that never was—and always will be.

— Michael Eisner, May 1, 1989